Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hail No!

Today was a lovely day.  71 degrees, sunny, breezy, very pleasant!  I love the spring time with all it's hidden treasures in the form of budding trees and flowers. 

Just this morning I was out taking a few pictures of our Bradford Pear that was snowy white with blossoms. 

This afternoon was a different story...

During the sunny, pleasant weather my computer beeped and on the screen it showed a tornado watch had been issued until 9:00 tonight. 
Okay...weird, but okay. 

Then it got dark and looked like rain.  It wasn't long before the rain started and with the rain came hail -- lots of it! It was coming down hard; so hard that I thought it was going to break our windows!  If there had been a tornado warning I would have never heard the siren because it was so loud with the pounding of the hail on the house! I'll admit that I was pretty freaked out during the loudest part of the storm!

Annah holds a piece of the marble sized hail!

Looking like winter was back!

Water rushing down the street in the early
part of the storm

By the time Jacob got home the hail had stopped but he was happy to play with the leftovers!

It appears we had no storm damage other than a lot of beautiful Bradford Pear blossoms were blown off the tree.  At first glance it looks like snow in the grass but it's the petals.  My rose bush on the side of the porch also lost a lot of its new tender leaves.   

Hello spring...coming in like a lion!   

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