Thursday, February 10, 2011

Can You Hear Me Now?

Abigail says funny things.  The funniest thing is that most of the time she doesn't even realize it.  Sometimes what she says makes me roll my eyes (hmmmm...maybe that's where she gets it from!).  Sometimes it makes me take a slow deep breath.  Sometimes she makes me count to 53.  Sometimes she makes me laugh out the other morning.  

Abigail is not a morning person.  She doesn't like mornings.  If she had her way she wouldn't even do mornings....until there is something she is really wanting to do. :)  She had one of those mornings a few days ago.  She was up with only one wake up call and dressed and downstairs before Annah even lifted her head off the pillow.  I loved it -- I wish she did that every morning. 

As Tim was getting ready to bring kids to school I asked Abigail to go up stairs in her room and get something for me.  She was less than thrilled, rolled her eyes and sighed and began going upstairs murmuring that she was going to be late!!!! 

Is that really MY child saying that? Somebody check her birthmark just to be sure! 

Seriously? SHE is the one who everybody waits on (unless it's something she wants to do). 

As she went up the stairs I said to Tim in a low voice, "She is the one who is always running behind!" 

Then a voice coming from the direction of the stairs said, "I can heeeaar you!"  

I replied, "Oh yeah, what did I say?" (I was sure she was just messing with me!)

Abigail replied, "You said you're blowing my mind!" 

BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Yup.....that too!

(This is one of my favorite pictures of Abigail!) 

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