Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ensure, DogSure...It's All the Same!

Six months ago we fell in love..with a puppy we named Ella.

Ella quickly found her way into our hearts and home, and life hasn't been quite the same since...in a good way.

Since her introduction into our lives I have discovered a whole new world called Pet Smart. Each time we go there it never ceases to amaze me to see the hundreds of things available to feed, carry, entertain, groom and clothe your pet!! I never knew...until now.

Being a Maltese, Ella needs to be groomed by someone with more capable skills than I possess so we made an appointment to get her first haircut, you know, in time for her first Christmas!
It was quite amusing that this little bundle of fur, who thinks she's way bigger than her nearly 6 pounds, was shaking -- visibly shaking -- when I walked into the pet salon at Pet Smart! I guess I should have known that might be the reaction when we were walking into the store. She made it across the parking lot and to the sidewalk before she went spread eagle on the ground and I had to pick her little body up and carry her in!
But she lived through the experience although she was uncharacteristically quiet (and lighter!) the rest of the day. I am convinced that she was being so careful not to repeat whatever she thinks she did to make us take her to that awful place! :)

That was on Wednesday. On Saturday we returned to Pet Smart again with Ella in tow to have her picture taken with Santa. Never did I think that even *I* would stoop to having a dog's picture taken with Santa, but when you fall in love you can do some unexplainable things...that, and two girls pleading for the opportunity to have a framed documentation of Ella's first Christmas!

Well, just few minutes waiting for Santa to be ready was enough to make us know that we were not going to spend $$$ on that opportunity. Santa was a little thin with clothes all askew, a mustache that was below his lip and a hat that wouldn't stay on his head. As Santa's assistant tried to help preserve Santa's true identity, it became obvious that Santa wasn't the jolly Mr. Claus but rather, a frustrated Mrs. Claus!

From that messed up scene we went on to look around the new and fascinating world of dog owners. I've never seen so many bones....

or books......

or clothes....

or treats! Amazing!

And even more amazing was seeing Tim's eyes light up when he saw something so familiar to him.....

BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Welcome to the world of dog lovers!
*No we didn't buy the DogSure although we were tempted! :)


Mariah said...

HILARIOUS!! My kids beg me to take them there all the time!! When we do go, I to am amazed at all the "stuff" available for our four legged friends!! I usually can't get out of there without spending $10 or so!! I have to admit though,I never knew that there was DogSure!!! Love it!!!

Debbi said...

That is too funny Loretta. I had been in that store before; in Michigan; but just in and out. I have never had the opportunity to walk around the store.

Patty said...

Millie got a sweater recently. Poor dog is so cold this winter in Arizona!!!! ha ha But, really, I am amazed YOU would take your dog to sit on Santa's lap! I remember a friend telling me about an Irish Setter she had growing up. Her dad loved this dog the most. So much so that one Christmas the family received a framed portrait of Dad and the dog for Christmas!!!

courtney said...

I love petsmart. (:
Bandit loves it too!
I swear he looks forward to it. Its like he knows when he's in the car to go there, ahahaha!!