Friday, September 11, 2009

"It's More Than Just the Tie"...

Yesterday Tim had an appointment with our favorite ENT, the fabulous Dr. O.

The fabulous Dr. O was the second opinion doctor that Tim saw when he was first diagnosed with cancer. It was the fabulous Dr. O that we credit with saving Tim's life. Had we done what the first doctor was suggesting we believe the outcome would be very different from what it is today. Dr. O recommended surgery before radiation and chemo rather than after. We saw Dr. O one day and the next day Tim met him in the OR and the fabulous Dr. O has been our hero ever since.

At yesterday's appointment, as soon as we were taken back to the exam room, the nurse commented on how great Tim looked. I had to agree -- he looked fabulous in his blue dress shirt and tie! (the picture in this post of Tim and the fabulous Dr. O wasn't taken today, it was taken back in June) The nurse said that he looked like he was back to normal, like the day that we first came to the office. It is good to hear that word so much more often these days.

The fabulous Dr. O wasn't far behind the nurse in entering the room and as soon as he came in he commented on how good Tim looked! (Tim was grinning ear to ear by now!) As Dr. O poked around Tim's neck he said, "Externally you look real good and it's more than just the tie!" :D

I don't know that we've ever met a more pleasant doctor than the fabulous Dr. O. That, I suppose, is what makes him so fabulous! Even the most unpleasant of tasks is done with a cheerfulness that we've rarely encountered in the months since becoming acquainted with cancer.

Today the Fabulous Dr. O had to do something that Tim doesn't think is so fabulous....the old up the nose and down into the throat with a little camera trick. It's something that Tim hates to have done. He moans and groans (to me) when he knows it's going to be done. We knew by which exam room they put us in what awaited Tim. After it was over the fabulous Dr. O said, "Tim you are getting so much better at this!" (Tim had a terrible time with it before as it makes him gag to have that up his nose and down his throat!) To that Tim said, "They just water board me at home to get me ready for this!" As is Tim's goal, Dr. O got quite chuckle out of that! :)

I venture to guess that the fabulous Dr. O likes Tim as much as we like him. He is the kind of doctor that everyone wants to have and Tim is the kind of patient every doctor wants to have. Like the fabulous Dr. O, Tim is pretty fabulous too!

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Don and Robin Cooper said...

I'm so glad Tim is feeling better and doing well! Dr. O did that same test on me a few months ago...YUCK! I overheard one of the girls in the room ask a colleague, "Does it hurt"? Well I couldn't speak of course but the tears flowing down my cheeks should have given them a clue! But one of the other girls replied, "No, it doesn't hurt"! YES IT DID! Of course my Mom says Mammograms don't hurt her, and it ranks near childbirth to go figure! :)