Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Winter That Wasn't

It is surely no secret that I love winter. I look forward to winter making its presence know. I love the cold. I love the snow. But alas, I live in a place that seems to have a hard time mustering up the courage to blanket the landscape in white. In our nearly 22 years in Kentucky we've had few "good" winters but they are typically nothing to write home about. While I don't have official snowfall totals for this winter, I can tell you that it wasn't much! We only had 3 days off school but that was due more to slick roads because of a lot of rain that made the road get icy. 

I told Annah that I blame her for the lack of snow. In years past she decks out our picture window with the most lovely of paper snowflakes. Her creations have gotten lovelier through the years. I told her that one day when she moves away from home, that she will need to send me paper snowflakes at the beginning of each December.  This year she was so busy with school, choir, ReVerb (an a capella group), and drama (3 productions in all this school year!) that she didn't have time to grace my window with paper snowflakes until just a few days before Christmas. I have decided that THAT is why the snow didn't come! I won't let her miss the date next December! 

I have left my snowflakes up just hoping beyond hope it would stir a little winter magic but it failed. I decided weeks ago to take them down but when I went to do, I couldn't just yet....even though a few were ripped. 

It was precisely because a few were ripped that I couldn't take them down.
They were ripped because of this guy toddling around the house and going for the snowflakes!  

Jordan, McKenna and Mackson moved back to Utah in January and this was all I had as a visual reminder that Mackson was here.

This is 11 month old Mackson walking and carrying a his UK hat. 
The next UK Wildcat...gotta start 'em young!

Jordan and Mackson in matching sweaters

Mackson and winter, I miss you both!

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Montereymom said...

Oh I wish you winter and snow....and the chance to see your grand son again soon.
Love your musings and way of looking at things in life. Sending you a big hug and a reassurance of my love for you and your family.