Friday, September 27, 2013

Big Dreams

Annah keeps a small white board in her room that she likes to write on. The latest thing she has is a list of places that she wants to go. I like the list. It made me smile. :)

It reads:

Places I want to go: (not in order)
  1. Paris, France
  2. Alesund, Norway
  3. Portefino, Italy
  4. Taiwan -Sky Lantern Festival
  5. Oregon -Thor's Well
  6. Rome, Italy
  7. Australia
  8. Pamukkale, Turkey
  9. Blue Caves - Zakynthos, Greece
  10. New York City
  11. Czech Republic
  12. Santorini
  13. Barcalona, Italy
  14. London, England
  15. Venice, Italy
  16. Amsterdam, Netherlands
I looked up some of the places on her list and I understand why they are on her list. Oh how I hope she will take me along!

The girl has dreams and I do love a girl with dreams! :)

Jordan also has some dreams and they are starting to be realized. He was attending BYU-Idaho and then transferred to BYU-Provo. A few weeks ago an envelope arrived in the mail for him. 

Yup, he got his diploma from BYU-Idaho! It is the first step on his path into medical school to fulfill his dream! :) 

Ah yes, dreams are good. I have a few dreams of my own tucked away in the back of my mind and I have, on more than one occasion, practiced my own rendition of the famous "I have a dream" speech. Mine goes something like this:

"I have a dream that one day my children will learn that peace and harmony in the home can be narrowed down to the small acts of kindness and appreciation shown one to another....especially to their mother. 

I have a dream that their kindness might be made manifest by the smallest of actions. May I suggest a simple place to start? How about just bringing the cups you take up to your room back down to the kitchen?"

Six cups from Annah's room alone!

Ahh, I love a girl with a dream!

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Montereymom said...

Oh I wish Annah had on her dream list Monterey, Ca...that one might be easy to fulfill and I would relish that.
What a darling girl, I love seeing that she is thinking beyond tomorrow. And Congratulations to Jorday, I wish he had met my grand daughter while up in Idaho, she has one year behind her there, also shooting for becoming a doctor. She loves the school and Rexburg...