Friday, May 18, 2012

"Anything else to add to the list?"

Jacob's drawing ~ love the foot for an eye on the right! :)

The school year is quickly drawing to a close.  School is out one week from today! Woo! Hoo! Party at our house when it's over! :)

While we are all looking forward to it, I am sure no one is more anxious than Tim and I, but Tim maybe a tad more than me.  Each and every morning we tag team it to get these kids up and running but Tim gets the job of dealing with the two out of three groggy, incoherent, non-morning kids we have remaining at home (who shall remain nameless, but they *know* who they are!!!) :) 

I leave for work before Tim leaves to drop kids off at school so he is the one that gets the brunt of the forgotten lunch money, the unsigned papers that they've had for a week but are suddenly all important TODAY, the going back up stairs 2 or 3  4 times to get things they need for the day, etc. It seems like he is forever telling someone to hurry up before they are all late.  It happens every. single. day.

Today in the midst of getting ready there were a few things that needed to be added to the never ending grocery list and as Tim and I talked about what we needed I was making a note of the needed items.  

As I wrote I called to him, "Anything else to add to the list?"

"Yeah," he replied.  "Can you pick up some On Time? We seem to be out of that. And could you pick up some Care because there isn't any of that either!" 


So taking care of the needs of my family I will see what I can do about finding some on time, some care and in general, some "give a crap"!

Come on next can't come soon enough! :)

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Patty said...

Oh I hear you on that list! But I only have one.