Tuesday, April 3, 2012

ADHD for Dummies....

Ahhhh, spring break.  I love it.  The weather is good, the grass is getting mowed (thank you Jacob) and I am working on my "things I want to accomplish over spring break" list.  Does it count that the first thing on my list is to do nothing? :)

I took Jacob to a doctor's appointment today.  Anyone who knows Jacob will not be surprised to know that he's on medication for ADHD. He doesn't so much have an issue with the hyperactivity part as he does the attention deficit. It's not a family secret or anything so he's okay with me talking about it.  

Today he had to go back to his doctor for a check up to make sure he's doing okay and that he's not having any side effects from the medicine, etc. 

They checked his blood pressure and his pulse.  93/61 for BP with a heart rate of 55.  We were questioning if he was even alive!  The doctor said he had the vitals signs of a runner.  I laughed and told the doctor that was very funny because Jacob doesn't run a-n-y where, at a-n-y time, for a-n-y thing! :) 

As we were leaving the room to go check out Jacob saw a bookshelf and he stopped look at what books were there. With his eyes scanning the books he said, "Do they have an "ADHD for Dummies" book?"  I laughed and said that I didn't think anyone had written that book yet but that he should write it!  We laughed and told the doctor what we were laughing about and he agreed that Jacob should write that book and he added, "Just don't make it too long because they could never sit still long enough to read it!"  BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!  

Jacob playing the piano. Surprisingly he was quite good for having his head under a blanket!

As we checked out the lady at the desk, who heard our whole conversation, said what a great idea she thought it was for Jacob to write a book on that. As we were leaving the office she called out, "Good luck with that book!" ;) 

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Patty said...

Ha, funny boys. Brandon thinks he should get an extra scholarship from ASU for managing to get a scholarship in spite of his ADHD!!! Bwa ha ha