Monday, February 27, 2012

I Hate Winter....

I hate winter. 

Did anyone ever think they would hear me say that? 
Well, I do.  I hate THIS winter.  By February 4th we had gotten exactly 1.1 inch of snow.  Since then we have seen maybe...MAYBE, an additional inch but I might be stretching a bit. I am totally disgusted with winter, or rather the lack of winter! 

In early December I put up the beautiful paper snowflakes that Annah had made and I even used a spray snow on the corners of the windows to "pretend" there was drifting snow just outside my windows. You know, just until the real stuff showed up. Maybe that is what jinxed it.  At first I was encouraged by my snow flakes and fake snow -- that "fake it till you make it" adage -- but, what once encouraged me now mocked me! 

Last week there was talk of a "significant accumulation" storm rolling in and it was almost certain we would see some snow on the ground. Yup, I took down the snowflakes and cleaned off the fake snow all in anticipation of the real thing.  Again, winter mocked me.  Not one flake flew that day. 

I am so done with winter. I say let it be spring with lots of sunshine and warming temperatures.  Oh wait,I think we already have that since it hit 70 last week! :(

There is always next year and I am already hoping for white. Come on, winter!  Show me what you are made of! I will be rooting for you!


Anonymous said...

I'm with you Loretta!
It looks nearly the same here except, in December our grass was not green as in your was all dromate brown and waiting for snow. Now it is almost March and I say BE GONE you woosie winter and let Spring and dandelions take over!

Patty said...

My eyes did NOT just read that title?

ionamin-W8FW8 said...

I was shocked when i read the title of this post! This had to have been someone else who had hacked Loretta's blog! then I read it. I can relate! Me too!