Sunday, January 29, 2012

Age Doesn't Matter....

Yesterday I celebrated my 50th birthday.  Yup, 50 YEARS I've been hanging around. :) Some have asked me if I am depressed about turning 50. 

Depressed?  About what, I wonder? 

Depressed that I've spent more than half that time married to my best friend? 

Depressed that I have 6 great kids who have shaped me as much, if not more, than Tim and I have shaped them?  

Depressed that we've seen our own miracle with Tim's recovery from cancer?  

Depressed that I get to be 50? 

Not a chance! 

How I can be depressed when I have seen so many blessings in my life? 

I've had 50 years to love, to learn, to grow, to laugh, to cry, and to see the hand of God in my life.   I have lived and that is what life is all about!

Sometimes we are tempted to think that if we could turn back the hands of time we might change things that we experienced. My 50 years have taught me that I wouldn't change a thing because each experience, good or bad, has shaped me. 
To change my experiences would be to change who I am and who I am continuing to become. 

And as Annah so wonderfully reminded me on my birthday,
"Age doesn't matter....unless you are cheese!" :)


Debbi said...

Isn't it awesome to turn 50? That is from one newcomer to another and from your much older sister-in-law. 50 will be a wonderful age for us!!!!!!!! Love you and it is wonderful to join the 50's club with you.

Loretta Valenta said...

Yes it is awesome to be 50, Debbi! It's a badge of honor. :) Thanks for leading the way into the at my house!! ;)

ionamin-W8FW8 said...

Loretta, I believe that Sister Hinckley said that 50 was her favorite age--the age she wants to be throughout all eternity! I agree, too, 50 was MY favorite age, the happiest time in my life. So enjoy it! I loved all the positive things you said about it on your blog post! Here's to many more!

Stop Bullying Now! said...

Loretta, Turning 50 was a wondrous miracle- so freeing. I now know at 55 just who my friends are, and I now know that my sisters are my best friends. At 55, I've had more years to love and laugh with Bill, Tim, Geoff, Kenny, and Libby. These are the lights of my life. 50 is something to CELEBRATE! Congratulations on this auspicious occasion!

From your old friends in MO.
The Brengles
Blessings to your Family!!!!

Patty said...

All the wonderful above plus a senior discount in only 5 years!

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday Loretta!

Dotti said...

What a great outlook you have, may you never lose it! Now on to the next 50!