Sunday, November 14, 2010

Field Trip...

Tim announced on Saturday that he was taking the girls on a field trip.  

They were all excited and asked him where he was taking them.  They wanted to know how far away it was and when they were going. Their facial expressions changed when he said it was a field trip in the house.  When they asked again where they were going and after some thoughtful thinking he replied, "To the land of running waters."  The guessing began. 

"Are we going to have to CLEAN something?" 

"You're going to make us clean the shower, aren't you?" 

"Are you going to make us clean the toilet?"    

Their agitation was brewing.  They wanted to know right then and there where their "field trip" was to.  Finally the time came when Tim decided it was time to disclose the location of their destination.  

He asked the girls to follow him, leading them from the entry way, through the living room, through the computer room, into the kitchen, into the hallway that leads back to the entry way.
They were not amused. 

Off the hallway is a half bath.  Tim stopped and opened the door and invited them into "the land of running waters."

They groaned. 

Still not knowing what the field trip was for Tim began with Exhibit A..........

The eye rolling and sighing began as Tim explained that this was NOT the proper way to put toilet paper on the roll. Then step by step he explained and demonstrated exactly HOW to replace the toilet paper roll! BWHAHAHAHA!  
(Below is the demonstration in progress.
I so should have been video taping it!!!)

 So they watched and frowned and tried to be irritated and even snickered a few times.
Just when the girls thought the field trip was over Tim announced that they couldn't come out of the bathroom until each of them demonstrated their ability to properly replace the toilet paper roll for themselves! 

More groans. 

At first they refused. 
Then they found out just how serious their tour guide was....

"If you don't do it you will lose computer." 

They still weren't budging.

"If you don't do it you will lose the computer and the TV."

Still not convinced.

"If you don't do it you will lose computer, TV and no ice cream tonight."

That was the tipping point....for Annah.
  She announced, "You can take away the computer and the TV but don't take away my ice cream!"  

Abigail, on the other hand, was still holding out.  She was in the bathroom for a while.  I opened the door to see this.... 
       Her and the cat just hanging out. 
I asked if she did what she needed to do and she replied yes.  I looked in around the corner and this is what I saw..... 

I guess sometimes you just have to roll with it! :)   


Cheeseboy said...

Ha ha! Great Field Trip. Actually, I am quite impressed that it wasn't Tim that put the TP like that. That is the man's job in the family, usually.

Patty said...

Ha ha, I loved Cheeseboy's comment because I was just going to say that my boys NEVER put the roll on the holder, each blaming the other for who used the end of the roll in the first place. Sometimes I go in their bathroom and discover half the new roll gone and still the cardboard holder hangs on the holder. Solution: Get the holders with one end open so they just slide on........or maybe a field trip is due in this household as well......:)

Don and Robin Cooper said...

Can you hear me laughing out loud? You brighten my days and as in the present case, you brightend my night! Too funny! Oh how I wish I had your and Tim's patience and humor when my kids were growing up!