Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Abigail's Baby Pictures...

A few days ago Abigail came home sporting a electronic baby that she named Olivia.

Olivia stayed over night with us. Olivia cries when she needs something like to be fed, burped, have her diaper change, or to be rocked.
Olivia was deactivated until 6:00 pm the day she came home because Abigail had volleyball practice and the teacher took pity on her. Abigail gets picked up at 6:00 so she doesn't get home until 6:15. Olivia didn't like that Abigail wasn't home to care for her so she cried and cried and cried. I put her in the garage.
Once Abigail was home she was able to use her wrist band to "chime in" and then care for Olivia. We were all much happier then.

Abigail wanted to take Olivia out to the store so we took her to the grocery store where we needed some gourds, mini pumpkins and Indian corn for Annah's upcoming school project. While we were there we tried a few things on Olivia and she didn't even cry.

Baby Olivia is already a Kentucky Wildcat fan! YAY!

And she's a party baby!


Cheeseboy said...

Well, I must say that doll is a little creepy life-like. And as a Ute fan, Kentucky has always been our nemesis. But it's all good. It's a great learning project.

Dotti said...
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Dotti said...

I see she's training her sister for future baby sitting duty, LOL!

Sierra said...

A couple things:

#1 - I hope you are not planning on having grandkids anytime soon, and if so, don't stick them in the garage. I don't think I will be dropping Caylor off to visit...

#2 - That baby looks nothing like Abigail, she must take after her "husband". He must be Italian or something.

Loretta Valenta said...


#1 - I don't mind if I am a grandmother soon as Tim and Lisa have been married for 2 years now. :D

#2 - Yes, Olivia didn't get her mother's features. The baby is Hispanic. :D

#3 - About the garage...I was going to do the patio but that baby has a set of pipes and I thought the neighbors would talk. I am sure Caylor and Noah are MUCH quieter! :)